5 Dog Friendly Walks in the Peak District

Hey guys, been a little while… I have three drafts just completely unfinished and I’ve been horrific at motivating myself to get back into blogging again but mark my words peeps, things are going to change! After all I am paying for this service and I’m not currently using it so I’m gonna have to start getting my money’s worth.

Pippa and I absolutely love exploring, finding new walks, hikes and adventures to go on and living in the Peak District we’re spoilt for choice and have discovered more places than I can count over the years. It’s the one thing we get countless questions about over on our Instagram – ‘Where’s this?’ ‘How do I get here?’ ‘Can you pin me the location for this walk?’ etc. And as I did start this blog to share all our walks and adventures with you guys I thought it about time I get my butt into gear, get my hard drive out, compile our notes and photos and get our routes mapped out (yes, I’ve mapped out all the walks I’m about to talk about in this post on OSMaps so you can download the routes to follow along, with hopefully no issues) ready for you guys to enjoy some scenic walks in The Peaks. ALL of these walks are under 3 hours long.
So here we go;

Chee Dale stepping stones
1. Chee Dale
Chee Dale is located just outside of Buxton, it is based below the more popular Monsal Trail and is the perfect little hidden gem to enjoy your day walking alongside the River Wye. This walk includes riverside walking, crystal clear water (perfect for any of you with dogs who love to swim), stepping stones and limestone cliffs. It is important to note that although this walk is one of my favourites, if the weather hasn’t been the most pleasant running up to your planned walk, the stepping stones may be flooded and therefore impassable. The walk is mostly following the River Wye all the way long, over two sets of stepping stones, a couple climbs here and there, boggy areas in places and the end of this walk finishes through stock fields and farmland that most the year has live stock on so please be mindful with your dogs to keep them on lead when passing this area.

Walk time: 1:45 hrs
Difficulty: 3 (1 being easy – 5 being difficult)
Parking: Lay-by off A6 outside of Buxton, parking free.
Livestock: Yes, in the last few fields.
OSMaps route: https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/route/5391538/Cheedale-Buxton
The Roaches

2. The Roaches & Lud’s Church
The Roaches is a rocky ridge that sits above Leek and Tittesworth, this beautiful area is lined with endless different rock formations along it’s path and is extremely popular among hikers and climbers alike. It’s 360ΒΊ views extend across parts of the surrounding Peak District and is honestly breathtaking. Along the ridge there’s also the pleasant little doxey pool, so for any of you with water dogs, it’s a great little place to cool off on warmer days – (although do be aware this is standing water and blue-green algae may be present during long spells of hot weather, which can be fatal for dogs). Once you come to the end of the ridge, you’ll come to a road, (usually on weekends or the summer holidays there’s an ice cream van parked here so it’s a nice little mid-way treat for you if they are there and you have some pennies) – anyway, cross this road and you’ll continue across a few fields before taking a right down the trodden in path into the woodland where Lud’s church is, this is all sign posted. Lud’s Church for me was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen in the Peaks, you don’t expect this big built up, mossy gorge to just appear deep in the woods but it’s there and it’s flippin’ cooool! Once you’ve taken in the wonders of Lud’s Church and you’ve followed the path through it, take a right and follow the woodland path back around and you’ll eventually come out into the fields again and are then able to either walk back along the ridge (as you came down) or for change of scenery, down the country road to your parking spot. *Bare in mind Lud’s Church isn’t actually a church it’s just the name for it.

Walk time: 2:20 hrs
Difficulty: 3 (1 being easy – 5 being difficult)
Parking: Along the road under The Roaches ridge, parking free.
Livestock: Yes, in some areas below the ridge.
OSMaps route: https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/route/5391654/The-Roaches-to-Luds-Church-loop

Lud’s Church

3. Chrome Hill & Parkhouse Hill
These beautiful limestone hills, sometimes referred to as ‘The Dragon’s Back’ (it’s rocky pinnacles resemble that of the spine of a dragon) appear out of nowhere and thoroughly stand out like nothing I’ve ever seen around here before. The climbs are steep but the views are well worth it, another beautiful spot overlooking far reaching views of the surrounding countryside and beyond. This place is extremely popular with photographers from all over and if you’ve ever seen this place before you’ll totally understand why. It is based in the middle of farmland so there is a lot of loose livestock about, so bare this in mind when planning your trip. You can miss out the Parkhouse hill climb if you don’t fancy a lot of up and down climbing and in places some scrambles, the rocks can be slippy so please take care. The route I’ve mapped out on OSMaps may not be exact or show up as a proper ‘path’ but it is all within access land and once you’re there you should be able to see where previous walkers have trodden. With the parking, it’s extremely limited, we usually park on a very small grassy verge where I’ve marked the start of the walk and can maybe fit max 3 cars, however there is parking in the street/town of Earl Sterndale just 1 minute up the road from the starting point so if the verge is taken up you may have better luck here.

Walk time: 1:40 hrs
Difficulty: 3.5 as the climbs are quite steep (1 being easy – 5 being difficult)
Parking: Grassy verge at the start of the walk or in the town of Earl Sterndale. Verge parking is free of course but not sure about the village as we’ve never parked here before, I imagine it would be street parking so possibly free but do take some coins or card just to be safe.
Livestock: Yes, although the route is on public access land, most of the areas have livestock around as the hills are located on farmland, although this can dependant on the time of year.
OSMaps route: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/osmaps/route/5392801/chrome-and-parkhouse-hill-loop

On Chrome Hill with Parkhouse Hill in the background

4. Goyt Valley and Shining Tor
Okay so for this one, we don’t have the world’s best photos to show off the incredible views surrounding this walk, we were caught in a down pour when shooting for this post, so you’ll just have to take my word on this one. At just under 4 miles, this walk has some pretty steep slopes to begin with but the panoramic views almost all of the way around, are well worth it. This walk doesn’t have any livestock (that I’m aware of, I’ve done this walk more times than I can count now and never encountered any livestock) however with the long stretch of open moorland be aware that dogs are to be on a short lead between the months of March through to the end of July, so be prepared to leash up your hound if they’re chasers or like to bounce through the heather. As you’ll see from the photos, the weather is quick to change so come prepared, the ground can get quite muddy in places especially towards the end of the walk so suitable footwear is advised. Plenty of parking available in Errwood Hall car park but Goyt Valley is a very popular place for walkers and tourists alike so the spots fill up surprisingly fast if you do not arrive early on weekends or throughout the summer holidays.

Walk time: 1:45 hrs
Difficulty: 3 (1 being easy – 5 being difficult)
Parking: Errwood Hall car park (this is where the walk starts from), but Goyt Valley car park is also an option if stuck for space, just a 5 minute walk from Errwood Car Park, parking free at both car parks.
Livestock: No livestock but ground nesting birds on the moorland March – July.
OSMaps route: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/osmaps/route/5391906/goyt-valley-to-shining-tor-loop

Goyt Valley/Errwood reservoir in the background
Shining Tor trig point
Looking towards Cats Tor

5. Broken Road, Back Tor and Mam Tor
Yes, you read correctly… The broken road is an old tarmac road that was subject to a landslip in 1974 and eventually abandoned after many attempts to repair it and nature finally took it’s course. The half-mile stretch of road is lined with deep cracks, unusual structures and even the original white road markings remain, separated by the breaks in the road. This is a must see when visiting the area, it looks as though a meteor has hit, almost other worldly.

Broken Road

The walk begins here and carries on up hill to the ridge, over to Back Tor, once you’ve reached the top and taken in the beautiful views, start to head back down across the ridge towards the top of Mam Tor, on better days, mainly throughout the summer holidays, although I have seen them over Christmas – people come here to paraglide which is a great sight and super relaxing to sit and watch them.

Back Tor
Views from Back Tor

Although this place is a major tourist attraction and such a great place to visit, it is literally a sheep heaven the majority of the year so bare this in mind when visiting as dogs will need to be on lead.

Walk time: 2:00 hrs
Difficulty: 3 (1 being easy – 5 being difficult)
Parking: Parking just before the broken road gate, parking free.
Livestock: Sheep everywhere most of the year, occasionally cows in some areas but rarely.
OSMaps route: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/osmaps/route/5426014/broken-road-back-tor-and-mam-tor-loop

Trig Point at Mam Tor

So there we have it – 5 of our top/favourite Peak District walks! We hope you find this useful or find some walks you may not have come across before, we have a whole load more walks that we haven’t included here so if people enjoyed this post or want more then we’re more than happy to do another blog post in the future. We have plans to include much lengthier walks in their own individual posts for directions and photo heavy content so that should be fun. If you do try any of these walks or you use our OSMaps routes please let us know in the comments below or tag us in any of your photos over on Instagram, we’d love to hear what you think and see your photos!

All content, info, routes etc. are shared with good intention and for the reader to have some fun, we take no responsibility for any harm, injury, loss or damage which may result from following any of these routes.

Natalie & Pippa x

16 thoughts on “5 Dog Friendly Walks in the Peak District

  1. Would love to meet up for a walk, I’m In stoke so not far to meet up and would love for you to share your walks and blogs on our site πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing we’ve done the Roaches and Luds Church and Mam Tor and they are just stunning. Can’t wait to take our lab pup when he is a bit older and calmer πŸ™ˆ we will he checking out the other walks too they sound great!

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