Away From It All – Dog Friendly Glamping – North Wales

Ever wondered what it’d be like to give glamping a try but worried your best friend wouldn’t be able to join? Well look no further because Pippa and I have found your perfect spot and Fido is more than welcome to come along too!

Away From It All Glamping Dome – North Wales

After Peach and I had to cut our Scotland trip short we were quickly on the hunt for a short stay/alternative to get away for a couple nights just the two of us – We knew we wanted to travel to either the Lakes or Wales as we adore both locations equally so we started our search on Airbnb making sure we’d selected the ‘Pet Friendly’ option in the filters section. We’d been having a mooch through the options for the Lakes and decided none fit our needs so the search began for Wales, the very first option that came up was for ‘Glamping Domes‘ in Wales, the photos sold us almost instantly and the decision was quickly made (after the pure panic, anxiety and thought of staying away from home, alone, even just for a couple nights and having to use the motorway had left the contents of my mind that is) – we were headed to North Wales that weekend to a little town called Llwyndyrys for our first ever adventure on our own.

Welcome Hamper (for the humans)

We knew we’d be arriving earlier than the suggested check in so we contacted the owners via AirBnB to see if we could check in any earlier and they replied almost instantly notifying us that the dome would be ready for us whenever we needed – the owners are more than happy to welcome you and help out where needed but we wanted a quiet stay and they were absolutely fine for us to check ourselves in. In the shared kitchen and bathroom block, there is a cupboard for each of the three domes clearly labelled to store all your food in the and a shared fridge for anything that may need to be chilled. All appliances you could need are available and they clearly state online that if there’s anything you absolutely cannot live without whilst there, feel free to bring it along with you (so for all you crazy espresso or waffle iron kids out there, be sure to bring em along for a trip to, all are welcome here!) Everyone is given a complimentary welcome hamper upon arrival, which include local ale and cider, crisps and some kindling. Bathroom is across the hall, showers and bathroom rooms are on similar standards to most hotels so they really are putting the ‘Glam’ in Glamping!

Note: There are animals on site, a family goat, cat and some chickens; they welcome you to collect the fresh eggs for your own use!

The Ceiri Dome (one of three domes on site)

Once we’d had a nosey around the kitchen and bathroom space, we got our wheelbarrow and made our way around to our dome, we were staying in the Ceiri dome which is the middle dome. The domes are all evenly spread across the field so you’re not under anyones noses and it’s all totally private with your own little garden space. Bare in mind it is not secure though so if your dog is prone to running off, I would advise a little dog lead pitch when outside as you would when you camp anywhere else to avoid any issues. There’s a stove inside the dome to keep you nice and toasty as it does get extremely cold in there during the night but the bed is extremely comfortable and there are two single pull out beds for extra guests if needed.

After we’d settled in we decided to go for a mooch in Betws-y-coed (about 50 mins – 1 hour away from the domes) as we’d heard about a dog friendly pizza place called Hangin’ Pizzeria that we were dying to visit! It is indeed very dog friendly, dogs are allowed outside and inside the restaurant and even have doggie sausages on the menu with proceeds going to their chosen charity. Pizza + Dog friendly = win win!!!

Hangin’ Pizzeria – Dog Friendly

After we’d finished up our pizza (and sausages!) we decided to head back, we were pretty tired after the late night drive down and wanted to get an early night before our plan to mountain climb the following day, so we got back, fed and watered the peach and decided to get cozied up with candles… yes, it really is the full glamping experience, there’s no lighting inside the dome except for candles they provide for you, nothing says camping quite like having no plug sockets. We got cuddled beneath the duvet and called it a night!

The following day we got up early and headed for the mountains, one of the very main reasons we returned to Wales, to climb the Glyders again! We arrived for 8am and made our start, we did it in around 5-6 hours, mostly in fog at the top, at one point in which I generally couldn’t find my way back down but we made it down alive, just about but the thick fog meant minimal photos but with finishing relatively early we still had most of the day left to kill.

Glyders (Tryfan in the background)

However, we were pretty knackered and with Pippa’s poorly hips we just wanted to get back to our cozy little base and have a nap! Once we’d woken (a few hours later than expected) we got out cup-a-soup and decided to light the fire pit, it was our last night after all and we wanted to make use of the firewood and kindling provided. I must say, I’m not the best at starting fires but I managed to get one going long enough for some photos and to warm us up a little as the evening started to draw in.

We had such a great time here and we can’t thank the owners enough for allowing us to enjoy our stay thoroughly, the extra touches of the welcome hamper, being able to collect fresh eggs on site and a pretty damn decent bathroom facility were spot on. We had such a great experience for our first trip alone and will certainly be returning in the future!
Oh and a side note? the stars were breathtaking at night, so if you get a chance to admire them during your stay, do iiiiiiit – you truly are ‘Away From It All’ out there.

Natalie & Pippa x

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Dog Tag – Lady And The Hound Studio (code PIPPA for 10% off)

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