5 Homemade Pupsicle Recipes | Dog Friendly

As Summer starts to arrive (finally, we are in England after all) the temps start to climb, some days more drastically than others and our doggies begin to struggle and find it a little more difficult to bare. You walk them early AM and late PM, under trees and by the stream, you buy them the kiddy swimming pool, you fill their water dish with ice cubes, you rush to B&M to get those cooling mats you’ve seen everyone posting about all over FB but you just wish there was more you could do to keep your pupper cool and happy? Well fear not! We have FIVE different recipes for you to try at home that we can almost guarantee your pooch will go crazy for!

(L-R The Breakfast Smoothie, Piña Colada, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Sunday Roast and Fishermans Feast)
The Breakfast Smoothie

For these you’ll need some ice lolly moulds, we got ours from Amazon, this mould specifically is supposed to come with ice lolly sticks already but we ordered more just to be safe and we’re glad we did as the sticks didn’t end up coming in our parcel (naughty Amazon!) However you can make these treats in any other ice lolly moulds you can find online or if you’re looking for ways to fill and freeze a Kong some of these recipes would work quite well too, we’ll make sure to specify to make it a bit easier for you but I’d say common sense for some as I wouldn’t recommend pouring melted coconut oil into a Kong.

The Breakfast Smoothie

For our first recipe you’ll need:
Low Fat Plain Natural Yoghurt
Chia Seeds
*Kong safe*

Start by drizzling a small amount of honey down the sides of your moulds then gradually add in the yoghurt, chopped banana, blueberries and any other fruits you want to add and a small sprinkling of chia seeds can be added between layers and well, that’s it! Simple!
Note that if your pup’s a bit fussy about the odd Blueberry or just down right refuses Banana then other fruits like Apple, Strawberries and Raspberries also make a fabulous alternative.

The Breakfast Smoothie has the paws of approval!

Piña Colada

For this it’s just a two ingredient stint, ya got:
Coconut Oil
and Pineapple chunks

If you’re like us and just have a jar of cheap coconut oil lying around then find a bowl larger than the jar itself, boil the kettle, place the jar inside the bowl, fill the bowl around the jar with the boiled water (leave the lid of the jar above the water so you can lift it out without burning yourself) and allow enough time for the coconut oil to melt inside the jar, once it’s melted, carefully remove the jar and empty away the water. Allow the oil to cool slightly and then fill the moulds with the melted coconut oil, allowing enough room to plonk your pineapple pieces in.
*Please do not use alcohol, our dogs are merry enough as it is! But on a serious note; It’s toxic to dogs as I’m sure you’re aware. We will leave a list of unsafe foods for dogs in a link at the bottom of this post – keep it dog safe guys!*

Peanut Butter & Jelly

For this recipe you’ll need a blender to hand!
You’ll need:
Peanut Butter (PLEASE make sure when buying PB that you read the ingredients listed, Xylitol is highly toxic to dogs and even small amounts can be lethal)

Sort of like with The Breakfast Smoothie, start by smearing the peanut butter around the inside edges of the moulds with one of the lolly sticks, just a couple of strokes will do and then blend together the strawberries and water – there’s no exact measurements just a few to a handful of strawberries depending on how many ice lollies you’re wanting to make, put them in the blender and then fill with water so the strawberries are completely covered and blend until it’s mostly runny, adding more water if needed. The thicker the mixture the softer the resulting lolly will be and less likely to last as long in the sun! We went for a more runny mixture so a little more water was added.

Sunday Roast

Low Salt Chicken Stock

When making the stock, only use half the cube or half the amount you’d use for humans and dissolve well into the water, allow the stock to cool before pouring into the moulds, again leaving space to add the pieces of chopped veg. Other veggies like green beans, cauliflower and sprouts can also be substituted in small amounts.

Fisherman’s Feast

Dried Sprats
*Kong safe! Just don’t add water or if doing so very little*

Mostly any fish can be used for this one, these were just the fish we went for but Salmon, Cod, Whiting and Whitefish are also great choices that your pups will love! Make sure when buying tinned fish, the fish is kept in water and not any other marinated flavours such as tomato. Oil and brine may be okay but make sure to drain before use.
Blend together the tinned fish and water, again plenty water but make sure it’s blended well but don’t be surprised if the mixture separates as this tends to happen in the freezing process even when you think the mixture is well blended but don’t worry, this was still the firm winner out of all the pupsicle recipes! We gathered ‘the stinkier the better’ for these guys! Once the mixture’s been poured into the moulds, add a couple of dried sprats purely for decoration… and extra stink, I mean, YUM!

And there we have it, all 5 puptastic pupsicles for you to have a try at home for your best friend. As I said for obvious reasons, Fishermans Feast was the firm fave in this household but all four doggies were begging, putting on their best puppy dog eyes as each different lolly was brought out for special trialling!
If you have a go yourself at any of these recipes make sure you let us know or tag us in your posts on Instagram: @pippaontheprowl
As promised a list of toxic foods can be found here.
*If you’re ever unsure about any foods, please make sure you google if the food is safe before feeding to your pet and as stated above AVOID anything with Xylitol at all costs!*

Stay cool pups! And don’t forget to let your puppies lick the spoon!
Natalie & Pippa x

10 thoughts on “5 Homemade Pupsicle Recipes | Dog Friendly

  1. Thanks Pippa for whipping up these puddings during out holiday at your place. Much better than the boring icecubes we get at home.. love the Merle twins x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this! Thankyou so much I’ve been looking for recipes exactly like this and only trust them with it coming from you! Will 100% be making these. Also- thanks for the tip on the tinned fish as I always thought you could give them olive oil! 🙈🙈🙈 bad dog mum!!!!! Lots of love dext & Riley xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. forget the dogs these look good enough for humans 😱😂
    wouldn’t have thought about many of these combos but they look and sound amazing. will certainty give them a try, thanks for the insp

    (the list of toxic foods isn’t very good/accurate though- says garlic is dangerous but its safe and beneficial in the correct amounts, also says raw egg and meat is dangerous 🤦🏼‍♀️ which isn’t- didn’t really look at any more after the raw meat)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comments Amy! It was more a general jist, as all the websites we found weren’t amazing or had mixed the good foods with bad which I felt seemed a little confusing! We will have a little look and try to find a better website to update the link with.
      Natalie & Pippa x


  4. Love this blog, didn’t realise you posted blogs, will definitely try making these as daisy loves a good home made ice pop! Will most likely share with my dog walking pals for you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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