The Secrets of: Lyme Park | Dog Friendly places to walk

We thought we’d start our first proper ‘Dog Friendly’ post off with a very local but absolute favourite of ours, we come here more often than not and we’d go as far as to say we THINK we know this place like the back of our hand and we’re so glad it’s only a 15 minute drive from our house. That being said it is definitely worth the trip if you aren’t local, you can certainly make this a quick dog walk or spend a full day out with your four legged companion!

Lyme park is a huge place and although the main areas everyone thinks of when they hear ‘Lyme Park’ is Lyme cage, the house and it’s gardens but there are definitely a few more stops you need to be adding to your list when making the trip.

Our first and possibly most favourite stop is a smaller building known as The Lantern, this castle like structure is located in the centre of Lantern woods and boasts beautiful views when looking out onto Lyme house. The walk is dog friendly (on and off lead) and makes for some beautiful photo stops and a quiet place to shelter from the English weather or to have a little lunch break.

The Lantern, Lyme Park
Lantern Woods, Lyme Park

Located South West of the map, you’ll notice something called ‘Paddock Cottage’ this is another unused building in Lyme park worth a visit and another great stop to take in the views around the park whilst sat on their beautiful carved out bench featuring some of their famous park deer and past the house overlooks more of Manchester.

Paddock Cottage

Speaking of which, Lyme park has been home to a large selection of the UK’s red deer for over 600 years and if you’re lucky enough you can get a glimpse of them whilst visiting. We always find when we’re there late afternoon – evening time, you’re able to get close enough for a really great view and believe me, they are totally worth the visit. (Unless your dog goes crazy around livestock, then maybe don’t get too close) The areas in which the deer reside are sign posted and they are clearly marked on the maps you can get from the visitor centre or online, they usually tend to hang around these areas but they aren’t enclosed and do often come wondering into the public areas so be aware of this when planning your visit with dogs. We have been lucky enough to get some stunning images of these gorgeous animals.

Red Deer at Lyme Park

Of course it wouldn’t be Lyme Park without it’s main attractions – Lyme cage is probably one of the most known areas of Lyme Park, this structure stands proud on the top of Cage Hill, originally a hunting lodge this tower overlooks the surrounding moors, Kinder Scout, Greater Manchester and on the clearest of days the Welsh mountains can be spotted in the distance. *Keep an eye out for the flag flying over the cage on alternate weekends to signify when it’s open to visitors, this is free.

Pippa with Lyme Cage in the distance
Lyme Cage, Lyme Park

Finally, the most popular and well-known place is Lyme Hall. Lyme Park and it’s hall have made appearances on numerous film and television programmes, notably in Pride and Prejudice. The House, garden and park are open to the public but only the park is dog friendly all year around. However, a couple days of each month they have special ‘Dogs in the Garden’ days, where you can take your dog on lead throughout the gardens, we have done this before (unfortunately I can’t find the photos) and if visiting with your dog, highly recommend you take a visit too, admission fees apply but totally worth it to see their gorgeous gardens with your best friend.

Lyme Hall front gates
Lyme Hall from the bottom of Cage Hill

As for food and shopping? The Timber Yard cafe has indoor and outdoor seating although I’m almost certain dogs are only allowed in the outdoor area of the cafe but they have a large choice of hot and cold foods and sweet treats so on a lovely day you really can’t complain. The Timber Yard shop is only small but we have quite the selection of recycled wool blankets from here now and we absolutely love them, they make fab doggie blankets!

Pippa with the duck pond and Timber Yard in the background

Other things to mention is there are plenty of areas to explore other than their structures and buildings within the grounds, with 1,300 acres of park land including many beautiful woodlands to wonder in, there is a huge area of Park Moor for your doggies to have a good run around in and enjoy their freedom on or off lead. Almost all of the areas in Lyme Park are dog friendly and have some very handy little doggie doors and stiles to help make your walks as easy as possible when passing or crossing different areas.

One of the many different types of ‘doggy gates’ at Lyme Park
Pippa enjoying the Moorland

So I think we’ve covered all we can and hope this is enough to make one or two of you reading want to visit this beautiful area located right on the boarder of the Peak District, Lyme Park really is one of our favourite places in the world and would recommend anybody who hasn’t been already, especially those who live close by to go and take a visit with your best friend, treat your doggies and yourself to a fabulous trip out.

Natalie & Pippa x

Items shown in this post:
Pippa is wearing her Ruffwear Front Range harness in all of these images except for the last photo where she has her Hurtta quilted overalls on.

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