Introductions and how I met my best friend.

(prepare, it’s going to be a LONG one)
Welcome to our shiny new blog, I’ve never been so nervous but excited to post something online but it’s been a long time coming and I’m ready to dive in!

This above is Pippa, the dog behind the name, the girl who changed my entire life. She’s a 4 year old Red Border Collie born 22/09/14 from a farm in Chinley, Derbyshire to working parents (dad works but mum was a failed working dog) – She loves tennis balls, being a neighbour hood watch dog and herding up her doggie friends on walks. She’s an avid small animal chaser and likes to channel her inner Diva 80% of the time. With a strong resting bitch face this girl doesn’t always look the happiest in every photo but believe me when I say, she has the worlds best life.

Glyder Fach/Fawr – May 2018
Pippa’s 4th Birthday

We’ve tried to attach some images including the humum behind the blog but we’re aware they aren’t the best (we really should get more but when you’re the one behind the camera 99.9% of the time, it’s not so easy!)

I’m Natalie, I’m 24 years old and have owned a business for three years – I’m a dog walker, as well as holding home-from-home daycare and boarding for doggies in our home. So as you can imagine Pippa has a fair few friends, although in the past year or so, she seems to have forgotten how to make friends as easily as she used to and it’s something we’re hoping to work on. We’re from Derbyshire, situated in the heart of the Peak District so we’re not short of gorgeous scenery and places to go for a long hike.

A little story time;
Before Pippa I never really got out too much, and had severe social anxiety, I didn’t find it easy to get out and dropped out of 4 different colleges, before going back to one of the colleges and finishing my first year before leaving AGAIN and hunting for part time jobs to ease myself into the ‘real world’.
I’ve always wanted a dog of my own but living with my parents it was obviously and respectively their choice. We had a family dog, a Scottish Terrier named Sooty, who didn’t exactly love every dog on the planet but he did have a friend or two, one being my boyfriend at the time’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Jack Russell and this is where my love for walking began and where I decided I really did want/need my own four legged companion – We got out to as many local walks as we could with his family and Sooty had the best last year of his life, visiting places he never got to previously – I decided I was getting a dog one way or another, I had mostly convinced my dad but knew my mum wouldn’t be so easy, the plan wasn’t to upset anyone or get a dog without both agreeing but we were having a nosey on Pets4homes one evening, particularly looking for small breeds that Sooty (and my mum) may come around to when we came across Pippa’s ad, when I read ‘Border Collie puppies for sale’ I immediately thought no, that breed wouldn’t work with us, so I wasn’t going to even click, however my friend insisted we had a look because what harm could looking do… Well, 2 days later we collected her and without sounding ridiculous, the rest is history… (insert cringe emoji)

Pippa’s advert on Pets4home (with added snazzy logo in the corner – QUALITY)

I wasn’t overly familiar with the breed but I loved her with my entire heart and was determined this was going to work, never once in my mind was she going back or to be given up on, no matter what she threw at us and honestly, I don’t think she was horrifically bad although I feel like I could have just blanked that stage of her life out of my mind haha! – Mum wasn’t pleased and wasn’t instantly convinced but a week in and Pippa’s affectionate traits managed to win her over. Sooty sadly passed away two weeks after Pippa was brought home and it broke my heart but I think having the distraction of a new puppy helped to lessen the pain of it all. 3 months after Pippa came along, our second family Scottie named Billy followed – Pippa and he are the funniest little duo and they adore each other to pieces, although Pippa does tease him when she’s in one of her moods but quite frankly Billy would be lost without his big sister!

Pippa and Billy – at her awkward ear stage but look how flippin’ cute!?

A year after Pippa came into my life, my boyfriend and I broke up and 6 months later I started my business, something I never would have done without her by my side, she gave me the extra bit of confidence I needed and metaphorically became my safety blanket when we met new clients.

In December 2016, we gained another new client, a beautiful Blue Merle Border Collie puppy named Gus, who would become a friend for life and Pippa’s adventure partner until this very day. Since Gus came along, we have been here, there and everywhere. Gus’ owner showed us places we’d only ever seen online and what was something I enjoyed as part of my job, became my biggest and most favourite thing to do in life: SUPER LONG HIKES. Since the start of 2017 we’ve climbed; Kinder Scout, Snowdon, Skafell Pike, Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr, Cadair Idris to name a few, we frequently go for day long hikes most weekends and have decided for 2019 we’d make it our resolution to get out once a month and climb a mountain – ‘A mountain a month’ if you will.

Pippa and Gussy at Sherwood Pines.

One of the many reasons I wanted to start this blog, was mainly a little online diary for myself as well as anyone else who fancied a read but also to share some of the gorgeous walks and hikes we’ve discovered throughout the last couple of years and to document them on here to look back on and hopefully spark an interest in readers to go and enjoy a lengthy walk with their furry best friend! We want to include all of the best places to visit, routes to take and mountains to climb and maybe some of the places you won’t have visited before and after a good read and a little look over our photos you’ll be dying to visit.

Pippa Peach

So there you have it, a very lengthy introduction, Pippa’s friends and what you can expect from us in the near future. We hope you enjoyed the read, if you managed to get this far you’re honestly angels.

If you want to see more of the peach aka Pippa, you can find us on instagram, under the same handle (@pippaontheprowl) we hope you’ll return in the future and look forward to hearing any comments or criticism you have about our first blog post.

All our love,
Natalie & Pippa x

2 thoughts on “Introductions and how I met my best friend.

  1. What a beautifully written introduction.. look forward to many more hilltops, rivers, gorges, bridges and stiles and that resting bitch face at each and every one. The week-long Scotland tour in May should be a highlight.

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